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Show Off Your Organization With Greek Clothing & Clergy Wear

By Danielle Designs makes women's apparel, as well as church accessories, in a different way for organizations. We make our own designs, design our own fabric, and create Greek clothing and more to fit your needs. Unlike traditional clothing stores, By Danielle Designs gives you the freedom to purchase any size, design, and color or non-traditional garments and clothing for any occasion.

Connectional Attire

Connectional attire is organizational attire and accessories geared toward specific groups. We carry an array of heritage printed garments for Women's Missionary Society (WMS), Young People's Department (YPD), Lay Organization, and other auxiliaries. We add new items every six months. Clothing and accessories can be tailored to your group in any color combination. Minimum custome group orders for hertiage print is 100 pieces. Items include:

Scarves | Coats | Jackets | Weskits | Cover-Ups | Tops | Headwear | Skirts | Dusters

Connectional Attire Sizing & Pricing

By Danielle Designs can create connectional items from petite to 3XL. Prices start at $4 for scarves and can go up to $200 for coats.

Woman Wearing Custom Made Attire

Sororities & Fraternities

We offer clothing with heritage prints designed by By Danielle Designs for historical purposes. Clothing for group appearances or personal wear for men and women include:

Tops | Dresses | Jackets and Swing Jackets | Scarves | Home Accessories | Tote Bags | Weskit Jackets | Cover-Ups | Dusters and Dashikis |
Car Accessories Like Car Pillows and Banners

Greek Clothing Sizing & Pricing

Sizes range from petite to 5XL. Prices range from $30-$200.

Church Accessories

By Danielle Designs creates clothing accessories for churches and organizations. Garments can be for religious holidays and celebrations or for pastors and clergy to wear on their robes. New items are added on a seasonal basis. The following products can be easily personalized for your organization in any color of your choosing:

Banners | Standard Parament Sets | Stoles | Table Scarves | Table Decorations | Furniture Covers and Scarves

Church Accessories Pricing

Prices vary based on product. Rates range from $25 to $1,000.


We guarantee everything that we make. If there is a problem with your product please contact us as soon as possible.

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